He shot and killed the woman he loved, and her friend ran him over his head with the truck Chronicle

A man shot the woman he loved, and the 52-year-old victim identified as Lisbeth Mass was a construction worker. Her boyfriend was in the area and drove the truck to the alleged killer, Jose Everaldo Reyes. The event took place in New York City, United StateAnd the And it was recorded by surveillance cameras at the place.

Reyes was a maintenance worker and was having lunch with Mas, in the middle of the meal, the defendant took out a pistol and shot the woman.. In the video that went viral on social networks, this was noted The victim was left on the ground and the killer rode his bike with the intention of fleeing. However, he did not expect to be run over by a friend of the girl he loved.

Dwayne Walker fiercely ran over the killer and sent him flying through the air, leaving him lying there. The person is trying to get up as much as possible and grab an element of the traffic lights, however, Mas’s friend returned with his truck and rammed him again so that he would not run away.

Immediately, Walker in an orange jacket took Reyes from behind and began beating him. The police approached the scene after a few minutes and arrested the accused of committing the worker’s crime. He faces charges of premeditated murder, manslaughter, criminal possession and use of a firearm.

as it turned out The detainee only ate lunch with his victim, and on that day he prepared to do the same and bought her lunch. However, this plan was thwarted when the woman’s friend appeared.

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As Walker was leaving, Reyes came back with a stolen rifle from a retired police officer and shot Requiem, and a friend glanced at the scene and came back to chase the maintenance worker.

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