He ordered leftovers from a restaurant in the US and ate for the month: “Everything is richer as a gift” | USA | uses

Delfina is a young woman who lives in the United States and studies at the University of North Carolina. Through his TikTok account, he usually shows his experience of living in this country, which attracts the attention of a large number of users who are interested in getting to the North American country.

Recently, an Internet user of the aforementioned social network was identified as @dddelfi.swent viral by showing off leftovers a friend of hers got after a day at work.

“Valen worked on one occasion and we told him to bring all the leftover food.”said the student from Argentina. “I bring cans and cans of cherry tomatoes, strawberries and cheese in large quantities for three months.”.

At the same time that he offered products, he continued to name them. “Lemon, grapes, beer, chocolate, butter. It can’t be, what a thrill!”He completed.

Viral reaction of a young woman to free food in the United States

To end her story, Delfina left a tip for TikTok users: “Come to Miami to work events, ’cause it’s impressive.”.

The clip went viral with over 160,000 views and people were quick to respond to what they saw.

“That they give it to you has an extra affection”; “until I was touched”; “best pay”; “Wealth”; Netizens wrote “Congratulations.”

How to immigrate to the United States from Peru?

To travel to the US from Peru, you need the necessary documents that will allow you to enter the North American country. These are: a valid passport and a valid US visa, refer to the assistance card portal.

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Learn below step by step to obtain a US visa:

  • Fill out the DS-160 form. It is a format that you can complete Connected With your personal data to apply for the visa.
  • Pay the visa application fee (MRV). The cost of this visa is $160 which is the “Machine Readable Visa” fee for validating the application.
  • Make an appointment at the embassy. As of May 2022, the US Embassy in Lima has made available a virtual waiting list in order to expedite the process.
  • Present yourself for the consular interview. Do not forget that the procedure is personal and face to face, so you must go on time.
  • Get your US visa. If the application is approved, they will attach the visa to your passport.

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