He killed his wife with three hundred stab wounds and beat her in disfigurement because he believed that she was a traitor to him Chronicle

Was a man Sentenced to life imprisonment To be found by justice Guilty of killing his wifeWho was killed by him 300 stab In the house where the spouses lived, in the English city Liverpool.

a crime Paula Leather, Who was 56 years old, committed on November 16, 2020 and her husband, GeorgeHe admitted he did it because He thought she was a traitor.

As a result of the cruelty of femicide, the woman’s body could only be identified by A. tattoo What he had and he is I watched I was wearing.

The “Face smashedSaid the experts who worked on the case.

After the trial, the court ruled George Leather 60 years old Life imprisonment. To apply for parole, you must spend 18 years in prison.

According to the evidence gathered in the case, the man He accused his wife of cheating on him during a quarrel.

He said that he went to the kitchen, took a knife and started stabbing her until the knife broke; He did the same with a second and third knifeThe prosecutor said, Gordon Cole. According to the judicial official, the femicide used four knives.

Most of the injuries were Provocation in the face. Case judge Andrew MinaryWho called murderAn episode of untold barbaric brutalityBritish press quoted.

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