He is a taxi driver, who returned a cell phone he had forgotten in his car and was speechless when he saw the reward

Good deeds do you rent? Is there something expected in return for acting correctly in a given circumstance? This discussion was opened on the networks as a result of a viral posting that sparked discussion among users. It was all because Taxi driver reactionWho, when meeting He lost a cell phone in his car, so he decided to return it to its ownerbut was disappointed when he did not get what he expected.

He forgot or dropped a cell phone he brought. If he calls, give him back. If not, no, because I already left it and I was leaving, it’s been over 10 minutes,” user description Tik Tok @employee, who co-posted the story and it quickly went viral on the social network. In another clip, he said: “He is calling, I will answer him, and see what he says.”

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A taxi driver found a mobile phone in the car after a passenger left

Milo is a taxi driver Peru On his profile, he recounts day-to-day in his car and the different experiences he faces. And she, in his words, “A job that was sacrificed, but you can live in peace with it And independently. With more than 10 hours of work per day, the driver has confirmed that he is earning Between 150 and 220 soles (between $40 and $60 approx).

In the third post, which I managed to total More than a million and a half clones On TikTok, he shared the encounter with the owner of the phone, which he claimed fell out of his pocket during the previous trip, and filmed his delivery.

The man gave it A few coins as a rewardBut the driver took the money in a bad way. “Look, the Lord gives me two shoes [menos de un dólar] by cell phone. You are witnesses. He made me come from below… How will you give me shoes? Not even a taxi…”pointed out.

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He decided to return it to its owner, but was disappointed by his reaction.

Then, a relative of the phone’s owner approached the car and added five more slippers, bringing the total value to nearly $2. “Has been appointed”The driver said as he turned away from the passengers, looking dissatisfied.

As a result of the viral post shared by the taxi driver himself, a discussion was generated on TikTok due to the driver’s reaction, among users who pointed out that he Low value for the tour And he returns the phone, so be forewarned No reward should be expected For good deeds.

Someone said, “I know it’s a little, but your good deed will reward you at some point in your life.” “I should have given you at least 20 soles [más de 5 dólares]. “I recently found some wireless headphones and the passenger gave me 10 slippers,” said another. My dad dropped his cell phone in a motorcycle taxi and gave him 40 soles [11 dólares] To be honest, a third stood out.

On the other hand, opinions were shared such as: “The satisfaction of doing the right thing is pricelessone should give without expecting anything in return”; “we should not expect money for doing the right thing” and “We have the wrong chip, because they have values ​​that they don’t have to give you anything in return”.


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