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Antonella Roccuzzo (33) has gained a prominent position next to Lionel Messi (34) And in recent weeks his name has become more important after the whole family moved to France to accompany the football star on his new challenge: Paris Saint-Germain.

The model and businesswoman used to uproot her, accompanying the upbringing of her three sons: Thiago, Ciro and Mathieu. However, in Rosario He has his family with whom he usually communicates almost daily through video calls or social networks.

One of your loved ones is Carla, his younger sister, who studied medicine at Rosario National University. The 30-year-old was the godmother of Antonella and Lionel’s wedding in 2017.

Carla Roccuzzo in old postcards.

He recently separated in the middle of a strict quarantine from the American Derek Bipolo, an eminent American neurologist who has been her partner for at least six years and just met in college.

Patricia, the mother of the Roccuzzo sisters, gave an interview in which she talked about the relationship with her daughters. When selected, confirm: “Paula is the one in control, instead, Carla is the most practical and rational. La Negra (Antonella) is in the middle, it’s balanced and doesn’t embody much ”, Described in an interview with Hola Argentina magazine.

Carla with her loved ones in Rosario.

“The three of us are very different from my sisters, but we complement each other and have a beautiful relationship. Our differences don’t create problems, they make us laugh at ourselves. When the three of us meet in Rosario, I don’t see my friends for a month.” Carla, the youngest, lives in Buenos Aires and is the only one who has not yet become a mother, but she has a magnet with boysPaula, the eldest of the sisters said in the same report.

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Carla also left as a girl, first to Bariloche and now to Buenos Aires. Fortunately, I will always visit them and they all love to come to Rosario to meet them. December is the best month of the year because I close them off and celebrate at home”, Patricia concluded how she had managed to deal with the distance and the “empty nest” her daughters had left.

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