He infected his computer with a virus in front of 60,000 users and ends up screaming crazily, but it’s not the only “stupid thing” this YouTuber did.

IShowSpeed ​​is one of the most popular content creators of 2022. American Youtuber, with More than 11 million followershas grown like foam in recent months thanks Its football-focused content And their exaggerated reactions to situations of all kinds. However, what he did not expect is that by showing his courage, he will fall into one of the simplest frauds on the Internet: Open malicious virus.

During a recent broadcast, IShowSpeed ​​was showing a folder on the desktop containing a dangerous default file. And so, while interacting with him, YouTube commented on it I do not fear anyone And that, for the same reason, he would have unlocked the potential virus regardless of the consequences that might ensue. Fortunately for his followers, the result was recorded for posterity as straightforward:

Attack victim or protagonist in Montague?

Right now, IShowSpeed’s overreaction is piling up More than 3 million views on Twitter. In addition, nearly 60,000 people were able to watch the Youtuber’s crazy reaction live, reaching over 65,000 viewers after being hacked that made this creator go viral again. However, some users doubt the authenticity From the attack suffered IShowSpeed

One of the reasons why they think this attack is fake is the appearance of the YouTuber’s desktop, which is generally more populous and not lacking in icons. Therefore, they suggest that you will use a virtual machine or even play a video.

Regarding this accusation, Jinbeta’s colleagues investigated the matter and provided their reasons It could be a montage. Thus, they explained that the well-known malware “Monoxide.exe”, which would have affected IShowSpeed, is a Trojan written in the C language. Delete all system files, it overwrites the master boot record and eventually leads to utter chaos. Therefore, it is possible that the Youtuber dramatized the situation.

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Regardless of whether the event is real or not, the truth is that accomplished her mission By spreading fast and reaching its crazy reaction to millions of users. And his followers, accustomed to the crazy things of the Creator, do not seem to care about their deception. In fact, he had already become famous on another occasion because he almost burned down his house by lighting up inside Pikachu fireworks. Without a doubt, broadcast world, full of crazy eventsIt will never cease to amaze us.

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