He immigrated to Canada at the age of 16, worked in construction, and is now able to afford a luxury home

He bought a huge house in which he could live with his wife and children.

Diego Saul Reyna It wasn’t easy, but after years of effort, he got the reward he dreamed of. Originally from Chiapas, At the age of 16 he went to live in Canada, where he lived for a while with a Canadian adoptive family. Language learning and training f He set out to work to be able to piece together his life in the cold countryside of the North.

In a video posted to YouTube last year, he presents his great achievement, after all this time of struggle: A huge house where he can live with his wife and children.

After completing high school, Diego started working as a bricklayer, a job that the Mexican himself described in his videos as “perfect for him”. In most Latin American countries, it is not considered a high paying job, but one with time He became the leader of his own business in the construction sector And he made progress that no one could have imagined.

Viral video of a Mexican builder who lives in Canada

She moved in at 16 and just bought a huge house.


accordingly He met Katrina, a young Canadian whom he married and currently has two children. While he was earning his first tickets, he started forming his YouTube channel featuring the entire continent How is your life there and what are the requirements You need to leave as an immigrant to Canada.

With his channel he managed to build a community She already has 2 million subscribers. His goal is to help anyone who wants to jump and venture to live in that state, he describes in his clips the positive and negative statements and thus he has been adding more and more followers.

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Some of the topics he touches on are how to adapt; the pros and cons of living in Canada; How Learn English. Or what your medical appointments are like as an immigrant. Unfortunately, he was also, according to what he says, a victim of discrimination, either because of his origin or his profession. These testimonials are also on his page.

After finishing high school, Diego started working as a builder, photo: video capture.

In her recent viral video, which has more than 1.6 million views, Diego shows off the wonderful property he has just acquired with his family. He can be seen walking around every room in his new home, which he is distributed in Three floors It has large spaces for the kitchen, dining room, master room, office and games room.

“Spanish-speaking brothers, finally, after so much time of uncertainty, of not knowing where to go, We finally have a little house, our new home. says the Mexican in his video. The huge house also has terraces, three bedrooms with bathrooms, a study, a guest room, a laundry room, a garden and a garage for three cars.

The cost and how you paid for it

large area and many rooms, Diego explained that the property is owned by a retired couple And he decided to sell his house in order to have a good retirement fund. Something that, according to the Mexican, people from Canada usually do when they leave the stage of labor activity. Homes are their shelter A good fund on their retirement day, which is added to the check they receive each month.

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And according to what Diego points out in the video, the cost of the house 740 thousand dollars Canadians (about 578 thousand US dollars). To buy it gave a 40% of the total value like a hitch. The remainder will be paid to complete the purchase Installments, which are equal to what you paid in rent for your previous home.

With his channel, he has managed to build a community of already 2 million subscribers.  Photo: video capture.
With his channel, he has managed to build a community of already 2 million subscribers. Photo: video capture.

Installed a long time ago The 36-year-old man who came to Canada as a young teenager, Now he has a family and he has just fulfilled the dream of owning his own home. His new venture is to help others who want to follow his path and that is why he created the Immigration Company.

The cost of the house is 0,000 Canadian (approximately 8,000 USD).  Photo: video capture.
The cost of the house is $740,000 Canadian (approximately $578,000 USD). Photo: video capture.

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