He has traveled to the United States many times and reveals the three questions he was always asked when entering the country

Traveling to the United States is always a coin toss, because you never know what will happen when you arrive with immigration officials. A woman wanted to spare her TikTok followers the fatigue caused by restricting their passage to the North American country and He told his experience that he had accumulated in all the occasions he traveled there. He confirmed that they always ask him the same questions, so he provided evidence.

I have visited the USA more than 30 times and these are the questions I was asked upon my arrival”, read the description of the video he posted. There he spoke briefly about his trips and listed the three main questions of the traveler. In addition, she provided some details about what and answered user queries.

The three questions they always ask when traveling to the US, according to a Tiktoker spokesperson

through the account @Travel_with_beforeAnd the The woman has determined that it is very important to always tell the truthOtherwise, the visa can be removed. These are the questions he mentioned:

TikTok virtual community It didn’t take long for herself to appear in this woman’s clip, which collects just over 10,000 copies. Most of them asked her for the answers, because at first she elaborates the questions perfectly, but she did not say what would be the ideal solution to answer at immigration.

How much money is advised to say?One user asked, and she replied, “Everything you carry has to be less than 10,000. Although it wasn’t very clear if it was referring to the amount of dollars or other types of Latin American pesos, the amount is related to the North American currency.

This is one of the additional questions a traveler can be asked when entering the United States@viaja_con_pri / TikTok

To complete this reply, another user entered the comments section and confirmed that it was best to leave the savings at home: “It is not usual to carry a lot of cash and better credit cards“.

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On the other hand, two people hinted that what he was saying was not entirely true, because they entered the United States without being questioned. “The last question (which was about what you do in your home country) was never asked on 15 trips, but OK,”It’s relative, I’ve entered on several occasions and they didn’t even ask me for the namebut in any particular case it is always better to answer truthfully,” they left him.

The difference in opinions about entering the North American country showed that Every situation is different And that the obligations are not the same for citizens of all countries, but depending on where they go they can be consulted for one thing or another.

The important thing, which tiktoker made clear, is that you always have to answer without lies and be transparent so you don’t have problems. In addition, there are peculiarities, because some may be in a different situation due to their criminal record.

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