He found $ 42,000 wrapped in old clothes and returned it

A young woman from Oklahoma, in United State, Found 42,000 dollars wrapped in a jacket that its owner donated to a charity and returned it.

It happened in mid-March. Andrea Lessing works for the NGO Goodwill Industries that works with people with disabilities and financial problems.

While sorting clothes from charity, he sees a box that looks fishy.

“At first I thought it was written,” Andrea told Fox News. “When I looked closely, I saw that there were several bundles of banknotes.”

The fund in which he was keeping the 42 thousand dollars. (Goodwill Industries Central Oklahoma)

“The idea of ​​keeping it never crossed my mind,” he said.

Upon finding the money, she and her colleagues immediately notified her boss.

“I did not imagine this would happen to me, but I feel that I made the right decision. I did the right thing,” the young woman emphasized.

After several days, the organization found the owner of the money. In a Facebook post, Goodwill Industries stated, “Besides the bills, there were identifiable documents that allowed us to locate the owner who accidentally donated money.”

The owner of the $ 42,000 decided not to be identified, but it is known that he donated $ 1,000 to Andrea Lessing for her honest attitude.

Excited, the young woman expressed that she would use the money to buy a gift for her daughter.

Andrea Lessing. The young woman quoted social network users with her actions. ($ 42 found by Andrea. (Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma))

Thousands of users interacted with the company’s posting on social networks.

“Your heart made of gold and your soul of steel is much more valuable. You did the right thing, and this is priceless. You are a great example for your daughter, and this is something that cannot be bought! So many blessings to a great woman!” Read one of the comments.

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Another user wrote: “Andrea, you are the type of employee we all love and any employer is lucky to have you.”

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