He died after falling off a cliff while standing for a photo

woman fell to cliff More than 30 meters and ended in the Orth River Luxembourg, Belgium. The film revolves around the 33-year-old influencer Zoe Snox, who was with her husband when the tragedy occurred.

The authorities rescued the body hours later, thus her husband noticed, when he showed his cell phone, that the last body Photograph Which I took to the edge of the mountain.

The couple was on a picnic in the province of Luxembourg, Belgium. They arrived very early in the area of ​​cliffs, mountains and assorted vegetation, on November 2.

“It’s foggy there almost always. It’s great for the pictures,” her husband Joyer Jansen was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. Zoe asked her husband to keep the dogs for a moment, as he was very happy to capture the moment on his cell phone. He turned for a few seconds, But when he came back he couldn’t find her.

“I didn’t see or hear anything. No blows, no calls for help or screams. I called her, even though I knew it was useless. The abyss was tens of meters high.” The man picked up the cell phone, unlocked it, and saw that the last saved photos were selfies of his wife on the edge of a cliff.

“In the photo I was looking at the camera. You can see the fog and the river in the background, where they finally found his body,” recalls Janssen, who had to go to a nearby hotel to contact the authorities, as the signal was weak.

Another difficulty the man had in communicating the tragedy was that he did not know how to speak French well. However, on instructions, the body was rescued hours later from the River Orth, thanks to the fire department and a medical helicopter.

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“They told me Zoe unfortunately died. They said it in French, but I immediately understood what they wanted to tell me.”

The Luxembourg Provincial Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the woman slipped over the edge of a cliff and fell into the river.

The couple married in 2012, and from that moment on, they both enjoyed walking with their pets. “Since the pandemic, this has been what we can do: drive across Europe in our truck and take beautiful pictures,” Goweri said.

Indeed, in her social networks, Zoe constantly shared excursions and photos in the middle of mountains, lakes, trees, fields, etc.

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