He defended Dipo in controversial terms and they kicked him out of Los Caligares

Federico Zapata He was excluded from the musical group Caligaris For being motivated Debo Martinez in reprehensible terms.

the artist In an interview with a Mexican journalist who targeted the archer at Argentine national team for their positions in Qatar World Cup 2022.

“The famous Depo is a great goalkeeper, his mentality and quality are great, but he is He is the most boastful goalkeeper and the meanest opponent in the world. He is the world champion and how good it is for him and the Argentinians, but that will remind him Ugly picture‘ was the reporter’s comment Baku Villa Which angered Federico.

Federico Zapata’s phrases that left him outside Caliagares

Federico He answered go out to the journalist.

And you are different because of your envy, resentment, and a broken tail. stop crying, try football or baseball, The best footballers they have there are called the foreigners, the oddball‘, answered the caller Twitter.

Federico Zapata was expelled from the musical group

After Federico’s formidable comment to the journalist, The band released an official statement announcing their categorical decision.

Girlfriends and Girlfriends: We are very sorry for the situation created from the tweets posted by Federico Zapata. Their statements do not reflect our values, our feelings, and our love for Mexico and its people.”

“That is why in such a situation, We are announcing the disengagement of this member’s group because his violent statements do not represent us. If one of us thinks like this, he is no longer one of us,” they ruled.

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