He Can’t With His Genius: Angry John McEnroe Attacks At Age 64 At Pickleball With Other Legends

The tennis legend continues his competitive form at the age of 64

he pickle ball It is a sport in constant growth. The new system that combines the elements of badminton, table tennis, tennis and paddle tennis, adds more followers and more and more legends joining tournaments. As is the case in John McEnroefor whom 64 years old Keep doing the thing you want to do.

The former No. 1 tennis player and one of the greatest publicists in history surprised him not only with his goodness, but also with his bad temper, which has characterized him so much throughout his brilliant career. McEnroe could not hide losing a point In the doubles match and exploded with anger, Try to break a shovel He withdrew for a few seconds until he could control his nerves.

The tennis legend continues his competitive form at the age of 64

Of course, the seven-time Grand Slam winner, Put on a real show This Sunday in the match he participated in Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and Michael ChangThe latter two act as coaches in the singles match between John and Andre.

That game had points that elicited applause from the crowd, celebrations with people asking for cheers, and of course also rage on the part of the German-born man who won 77 singles titles and 78 in doubles.

He also lent himself to his fans and at one point, while they were enjoying the doubles, left the court and Another tennis glory called Steffi Graf To replace him and face her husband Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick.

The tennis legend continues his competitive form at the age of 64
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As said, pickleball is a game that, although it was born in the mid-1960s in the United States as a recreational object for young people, has grown in popularity to the point that many of today’s elite athletes, including NBA and football stars, among others, have practiced it. .

In the United States alone there are thousands of pickleball tournaments, and among the official tournaments, the US National Cricket Championship, the US Open, and the Major Pickleball League, among other international tournaments, stand out.

The tennis legend continues his competitive form at the age of 64

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