Hay Festival Cartagena will be back in existence in 2022

Next version of Hay Festival de Cartagena will take place from 27-30 January 2022 It will return to its traditional form face-to-face through the streets of the walled city, with an agenda that will bring together 180 guests from more than 20 countries.

In the field of literature, High Festival de Cartagena will have guests Piedad Bonnet, Pierre Ducrozette, Jonathan Franzen, Ya Gacy, Daniel Kellmann, Vanessa Londono, Carmen Maria Machado, Mario Mendoza, Pablo Montoya, Leonardo Padura, Jose Luis Peixoto and Pilar Quintana.

Similarly, there will be authors Sergio Ramirez, Felipe Restrepo Pombo and Evlio Rosero, Camila Sosa Velada, Willy Soyinca, Fernanda Tres, Irene Vallejo, Juan Gabriel Vazquez, Manuel Villas, Juan Veloro and Raul Zurit.

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Guests from science district will be Brigitte Baptiste, Wade Davis, Mauricio Diazgranados, Carlos Lopez Oten, Andre Snare Magnason and Aida Vasco.

In terms of economics and thought, the film’s heroes will be Julia Kaji, Adela Cortina, Rene Edo Lodge, Wolfram Ellenberger, Yolanda Reyes and Djamila Ribeiro, Vanessa Rosales and Thomas Piketty.

In the field of arts and music, the Hay Festival includes the participation of Ruven Avanador, Daniel Brule, Juan Cardenas, Ricardo Checa, Nydia Gongora, Ana González Rojas, La Mambanegra, Vivek Shraya and Vilia Vidal Romero.

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On current affairs and the press it would be the perfect opportunity to hear from Caetana Alvarez de Toledo, Ana Bejarano, Sandra Borda and Anne Boyer Martin Caparros, Daniel Coronel, Maria Jimena Dozan, Catherine Gill, Moises Naim, Patrick Radin Cave, Francisco de Roux, Daniel Samper Ospina, Daniel Samper Pisano.

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The event will contain digital programming for those who wish to join via digital platforms and within the distinguished virtual events They are Yolanda Reyes and Moises Wasserman, In conversation with Juan Manuel Restrepo.

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