Have you given up on a scam? A new controversy fills its creators with serious accusations

Between leaks and cable pickups, we explain the keys to the latest BLUE BOX Game Studios release.

We spent several months searching for a mystery abandoned. What started as a horror project It went through several phases that waned and waned in player excitement as new features related to the game were discovered, which were already noted as being assumed A united initiative with PlayStationa Unprecedented experience in this sector and even a new silent hill game. What we are certain of is that the deserted, for the time being, mystery.

The leak accused developers of deceiving their investors using abandonedAll this confusion has made society angry at the communication BLUE BOX GAME STUDIOSwho has been accused on multiple occasions of being a to cheat. This feeling intensified recently with the leaks published by the data operator Lance MacDonald The images were seen with conversations between the developer and other users. Here, BLUE BOX Game Studios has acknowledged creating a small playable project, named Abandoned, for defrauding investors.

Fake footage from Silent Hill leaked to add to the hoaxLance MacDonaldNew leaks have surfaced about BLUE BOX Studio abandoning the game Not in development yet small demo As part of the investor scam,” MacDonald explained in his tweets before being removed. “Fake Silent Hill footage created by the developer has been leaked to further push the trick.” This is about user responses To other members of Twitter he expressed his outrage at the developer’s maneuvering.

After pulling the tweets related to the abandoned leaks, MacDonald resurfaced on Twitter with a new post claiming to have spoken with him. Hassan Khurmanabandoned film director: “Someone took these pictures, remove context And he reposted them on Twitter (and then copied everything to imgur) with a new context claiming they were part of a hoax or just a disappointing project, “he stated in his message.” These pictures are simply randomorigins from different contexts shared by a developer with some friends.

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deserted picture

The data operator has removed all posts about abandoned“Hassan and other members of the group wanted to post this because it was disappointing for them to see something that was honestly shared and then reused as something completely different. I wrote these words for him to help him explain everything properly. Hasan has been very helpful.” Open with me regarding the project, giving me the context I need to write this letter,” MacDonald concludes. A short time later, Data Factor Also delete this post.

As expected, the community You no longer know who to believeAnd, the only way to prove BLUE BOX Game Studios’ goodwill would be by offering a full trailer or a more realistic project. In addition, it should be noted that in recent days there have been More leaks About the so-called abandoned that includes unpublished images and fragments of text. On the other hand, amber supported This data is correct, but confirms that it is Ideas about another game.

deserted picture

Although everything about “abandoned” is presented in a bewildering manner, we hope this short article will summarize the most important points of controversy and help you shape own conclusions. As always, leaks, rumors, and speculation will continue to flood the web every time a BLUE BOX Game Studios project is cited, so we’ll be on the lookout for more updates about the alleged Kahraman-led game.

What do we know about abandoned? Until now, little thing. Most of the evolutions (if you can call them that) are based on moves and promises by creators. Because, although the study aims to Full game release In early 2022 too delete tweets relating to their project and claiming to have suffered Hacked his YouTube channel.

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