Harvard University revealed his secret: What exercise should always be in good shape

Harvard University has revealed the best exercise to keep fit in all periods and stages of human life. After investigation, many specialists demolished the myths and revealed the daily exercise routine that allows you to maintain a good figure and is associated with maintaining good habits. health.

Contrary to popular belief, Strength exercises are not the most important to keep fit over the years. Although the specialists behind the study said that performing bodybuilding exercises prevents future strength-related problems, There is one more important issue to consider: stretching.

Among the greatest benefits of performing a daily stretching routine They highlight greater flexibility and prevent future joint and muscle problems.. “A lot of people don’t understand that stretching has to be done regularly. It has to be on a daily basis,” he said. David Nolan, Physiotherapist at Massachusetts General Hospital What is that? Affiliate Harvard.

The physiotherapist puts special emphasis on the importance of daily exercises appropriate to the needs of each body. “You find A physical therapist can assess your muscle strength and design a stretching program to meet your needs. If you have chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, you will need to discuss a new stretching regimen with your doctor before starting,” Nolan said.

The Importance of Stretching: What Are the Long-Term Benefits

In an age traversed by virtual reality, spending long hours in front of a computer usually has serious health consequences. Maintaining a good exercise routine adapted to each individual’s life is essential to mitigate negative effects that can occur in the future.

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Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Good flexibility helps not to limit the various movements that the body makes over time. Otherwise, the muscles tend to shorten and tighten.

Motion-sensitive areas are in the lower extremities: the calf muscles, the hamstrings, the hip flexors in the pelvis, and the quadriceps in the front of the thighNolan said, recommending stretching at least three times a week. On the other hand, David also specified that It is important to be consistent in these activities To see the long-term benefits.

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