Harry Styles: A man falls from the stands during a concert in Glasgow

Harry Styles Man Falls
During Harry Styles’ concert in Glasgow, a man suffered a stunning fall from the stands in the crowd / Photo: Instagram and Twitter

concert Harry Stiles in GlasgowUnited Kingdom, last Saturday 11 June, ended abruptly after a man fell from a balcony Third Floor At Ibrox Stadium. The fall shocked the audience, although some malfunctions in the venue’s facilities were excluded.

How did the fans fall at the Harry Styles party?

According to Scottish police reports, the events took place around 10:15 pm a few minutes later Harry Stiles Finish your presentation. In addition, they concluded that the person, whose identity has not been revealed, accidentally slipped off a balcony Third Floor.

In the Videos Spread through social networks, it is possible to appreciate a man’s personality Drops towards the crowd. According to the authorities, the medical team treated the fan immediately; However eHealth status; In addition to the exact reasons that would have led to his downfall.

Fans panicked in the UK

The Drops From the guy at Ibrox stadium he fell during the first date of love on tourThe reason for Harry Styles to be shown in Mexico next November. In the pictures of what happened, you can see the exact moment of incidentSo did the cries of the crowd.

“Unfortunately, we saw someone fall from the stands tonight Glasgow. Peace be upon him,” wrote an assistant witness to the events during the presentation of the former member of One-way. Other witnesses described what happened as “just appalling”.

for this part, Harry Stiles He didn’t judge the matter, despite classifying himself as an A incidentWhat happened will not have repercussions for the British. According to another witness, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was attempted for the man, although it was not necessary, because he was “breathing”.

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