Hamas in Washington over the issue of the plane that aborted a destination for Iran, like Aziza

In the diplomatic world it is said that Iranian plane scandal who arrived on monday Aziza With a crew of citizens of that country and Venezuelans, he was well received by officials in the United States. “They are very satisfied because with the leakage and influence in the media, the Tehran regime has been cut off from the strategic destiny of Latin America and now the rest of the authorities of other countries are forced to pay more attention to this method than it has been working for months” MDZ Diplomatic spokesperson.

According to the verified information, the strategic agreement between them Iran and Venezuela It was working very efficiently, as evidenced by the flights of Boeing 747, registration YV3531, to Belarus in January (it is assumed that the “donations” will be loaded from the Moscow system, as well as to Panama, Peru and now to Argentina). Venezuela is the Iranians’ pivot to Latin America, especially since their direct escape from it Tehran to Caracas‘, comments an intelligence source with contacts in Washington.


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