Halo Infinite hides a funny reference to Craig, the perfect game meme

The brute became an icon after its debut, and 343 Industries didn’t forget it in the final product.

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CraigThe notorious monster infinite aura Transformed into a meme, hiding inside the game by fun wink. After its rise in popularity, Until getting to the shirt Phil Spencer was wearingWe were expected to see some references to the character in the title, and that’s exactly what happened.

You will find the reference at the beginning of the fourth mission of the campaignThe wink was discovered before several daysSome people have already received the Halo Infinite campaign. Now that the title is close to reaching many players, we’ll tell you where to find this fun reference for yourself, and don’t worry about any spoilers in the story, because we won’t say any details that could ruin your experience.

Where’s Craig’s wink? At the beginning Fourth task From the campaign, you will see a very tall tower. If you climb to the top, and take a closer look at one of the walls, you’ll see what Craig has been up to since his fighting days. This brute decided to give up all his weapons, and became rock star.

On the wall you’ll see a poster detailing Craig’s tour, “Zeta Halo Tour.” In addition, you can find some of his albums with him best hits, como ‘I Am So Famous’, ‘I Smile Inside’, ‘I Got Tears Last Summer’, y otras grabaciones.

behind the First gameplay shots Shown by Halo Infinite, Craig has become very popular Because of her model low resolutionWhich caused more laughter than disgust. now but 343 Industries has given character the polish it deservesAnd it looks completely different. The 343 Industries detail is appreciated, however, by leaving the timeless meme within the game’s campaign.

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