Hail storm smashes car windows in Alberta, Canada

Albertansin Canada, They lived moments of distress After he got stuck in his car during A hailstorm was falling.

In the midst of the rain, the hailstones were so big that they broke the windshield of a car that some people were taking shelter in.

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According to Caraota Digital, one of those affected, Gibran Marquez, stated, “From the beginning, the sky has completely changed. Things are starting to move faster, and the sky is starting to get darker. What made us stop was a ball of hail the size of half my head.“.

That citizen said in two minutes, All of his car windows were smashed. “About two minutes, all the car windows were gone,” he said.

“The most shocking noise to him was hearing him get hit, as if someone hit him in the ribs every two seconds,” Marquez said.

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The authorities indicated that The meteorological phenomenon damaged 34 cars and injured a number of people.

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