Gustavo Alfaro and his artistic team promote the coexistence of the three colors

How is the weather in the tricolor? There is harmony and optimism Players coexist, and above all there is a “hunger for glory”.

invitation Byron CastielOr it was also one of the “extra” elements that strengthened the coexistence of the national team, which took place on September 2, 2021 (4:00 pm) playing against Paraguay, At Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium.

Gabriel Weiner, The technical secretary of the national teams supports this. He says the players have already recovered from that setback with Peru, for a draw. On that occasion they were disappointed. A coach Gustavo Alfaro Had to do the main work that was reflected in America’s Cup where they showed mental strength,” he adds.

Questions are gone Krischian Nobua For the strategic scheme to classify the substitute players.
Coexistence these days is a good focus in Choice house. Most of them are known because they faced each other in the local tournament, and also because they coexisted in the youth teams.

Gone are Cristhian Noboa’s quests for the strategist to match players who were on the cusp.
Barcelona winger Byron Castillo was well received by the team. was a companion of Felix Torres, Xavier Arriaga, Leonardo Campana on your computer. One of his closest friends is Pervis Estupiñán, whom he has known since he was a teenager.

“From an emotional point of view there is a recovering team,” adds Weiner, Alvaro’s right-hand man in the national teams.
The conversations weren’t just artistic, they were focused There is also space to learn more about the players, How are their teams, shirts exchange, families…, without losing the priority that is football.

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But behind these players there are people. Alvaro understands it this way and it is his priority to convince them that their return will always be Will work on personal improvements, that affect their families. He also usually gives them advice, such as learning other languages, and studying other professions, if they can.

And one of the ones she’s studying is Yehson MendesHe plays for Orlando City in the United States. “He teaches chemical engineering in English,” the instructor reveals.

Mendes, who is recovering from an injury, is one example DT has highlighted in the tricolor. Adds Alvaro, the coach who also did In his spare time he plays golf at Arrayanes Country Club, where you got a partner membership.

To enhance the coexistence within the House of Choice, posters and wall mapping have been put in place, where These are the current selected photos. Weiner acknowledges that this is one way for them to feel important.

Alvaro and his technical team are now visiting selected people abroad. in AugustNicholas Koissa A FEF collaborator traveled to Europe to observe training sessions, talk to footballers, find out their feelings and needs, travel…

Quiesa visited those who play in Europe, except for Moises Kaisedou, Because he could not enter England.

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