Guillermo Castañeda will be the only Peruvian at Canada’s Latin Comedy Festival

the actor William Castaneda He has a celebrity career in comedy, which he has left a bit aside in recent years to host television and organize events. However, today Friday October 21, he will participate in an important international festival in Canada As the sole representative of Peru.

Latin Comedy Festival It takes place on Friday and Saturday and brings together comedians from nine Spanish-speaking countries. Gill says he received an invitation in 2019, but due to some play he was unable to confirm his attendance. Then the epidemic came, and the organization resumed this year.

“I am glad because it is the first time a Peruvian has participated in the festival. In addition, Canada is like the capital or comedy mecca, the biggest comedy festivals are held there, there is just for laughs and Comedy Central holds the festivities there. Only one festival, not just in English because that’s going to be for Latinos, it’s in Spanish,” he told Infobae.

This Friday he will be giving a show of between 15 and 20 minutes, and will share the stage with comedians from Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Colombia, among them Antonio Sanient. Representatives from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile and others will attend on Saturday. For Argentina it will be recognized Paul Molinari.

Castaneda says they are artists he knows from the scene, and he even met the festival organizers in Argentina When he went to study and ended up standing up a bit.

Guillermo Castaneda in Canada
Guillermo Castaneda in Canada

The Peruvian admits that he has walked away from stand up comedy. “I came back to make my way through several bars, I’ve been to Karabailo Last Saturday, move everywhere to catch training. For me, it will be a great experience because she is seeing people from the outside in other ways again. Comedy has changed in recent years and for me It will be interesting to see how things are in other countries. In addition, outside the show lies cohabitation with other comedians.”

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Castañeda emphasizes that what is happening in the country with comedy is quite phenomenal. 20 or 30 years ago, humor referred to things that have now changed, and now certain topics can no longer be touched upon, but they are not funny anymore, like Homosexual and misogynistic comments.

“The humor has changed, the networks have allowed other styles, and the comedy can be in a 15-second format on TikTok. All this has made it spin at breakneck speed,” says the artist.

It also indicates that the audiences reached have changed. For example, standing remained a little in bars and did not develop into other formats in Peru, as it did in other countries. On the other hand, it is considered that there is a before and after with podcasts such as Hablando Huevadas. “Everyone should find their niche to continue making humor”.

Host Generation Program Puclaspa Yishai on Peruvian TV. It is a quiz program for young people who want to learn the Quechua language. “It seems to me that it is a language to be taken back, a language that makes us completely Peruvians, just like Ceviche and Machu Picchu, Quechua should be valuable,” he says.

He also says that he has always been fascinated by this language and is currently in classes to learn it.

Likewise, he has an important job behind the scenes at Collage, producing with him the Freestyle Swimming League FMS Peruabout to bring the event God level.

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