Guillem Botha Puigdemont in Canada, without entry

Poor Puigdemont was never again able to enter Canada, in what was an annual custom, I don’t know what this guy missed thereBut Kyu Iri’s fault, he doesn’t want to realize that he is not welcome in those lands. According to what happened, Puigdemont sent the poor federal judge who had to solve the question of his entry into the country, Not more than or less than 400 pages. It wouldn’t matter if the judge had asked Puigdemont the manuscript of his memoirs – a request worthy of disqualification, since no one in his mind would do such a thing – but the only thing the judge asks is that the judge answered the former Catalan president on a simple question which is If he is wanted by the justice of his country, how sorry he is that it is still Spain.

If you ask a man if he’s an idiot, and instead of answering with a single syllable, he sends you 400 pages, he’s actually saying:

“Yes sir, it is great and irreplaceable.

Well, the same with Puigdemont, only that, by his four hundred pages–which, of course, the judge should not have bothered to read, being a Canadian and another who should bother him–was showing his folly the same as his guilt. And it is good that it is, because although here we are clear about both traits of a fugitive, they may have been overlooked in Canada. Not anymore, and now they are well known here. Those things which Puigdemont do, which in his homeland – and I refer strictly to his hometown – will please the citizens to the point of reading 400 pages, one by one, at the festival, In serious places they tend to take it poorly. There is no Canadian justice for No one has a reputation for looking for trouble wherever he goesTry to laugh at her.

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It became 400 newspapers In 400 blows to the face of Puigdemont, perhaps as a tribute to the recently disappeared Jean-Paul Belmondo. And you will be lucky if you mail it and not physical, to make 400 sheets you need to cut more than one tree, And in Canada, this is very upsettingThey even have a maple leaf on their flag and no paper by Puigdemont.

I suppose, to give himself an importance he lacks, Puigdemont will repeat – and worse, he will believe it, which is what happens with the paranoid – that Canada does not want to let him in Because he is an uncomfortable character. Nothing is further from reality. Canada does not care much about a young man like Puigdemont, among other things because no one knows who he is, Except for a poor judge Who intended to assign 400 pages to read it between trial and trial. What happens is that Canada is making a lot of effort so that everyone who visits the country, even for a few days, can, To be right in your headThis would not be the first case of a madman who thinks he is a beaver and goes headlong into the river to nibble logs and build dams.

Letting a man answer a simple question in 400 pages would set a precedent and all the crazy people in the world would think Canada is like a great outdoor sanatorium, With fluffy snow instead of lined rooms. He who enters you the first madman, there is no one to stop him, and sees in what way you forbid the entry of someone he thinks is a descendant of the last Mohicans who plowed Mackenzie in a canoe, if you let the one who is worse, ask him the time and he answers you with 700 sheets of paper. Enough of Trudeau’s problems, as if to turn the country into NGO Orates sin Fronteras.

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