Guardiola qualifies science fiction budgets

Extremaduran party president, Maria Guardiola, at a press conference on Friday. / today

The President of Extremaduran PP lamented that of the 405 million euros that appeared in PGE 2022 for Extremadura, “there are 140.5 million unimplemented”

The President of Extremaduran BP, Maria Guardiola, considered that the state general budgets (PGE) for 2023 “do not help” families in the region, they are “sci-fi” because they are based on “fake” growth forecasts, and the repetition of commitments already included in the accounts of previous years.

“We miss the fulfillment of budgets, implementation,” because “year after year” the “unfulfilled” commitments are repeated, noted “People,” who lamented the appearance of 405 million euros in Extremadura’s PGE 2022 “there are 140.5 million unfulfilled ”.

At the same time, he recognizes that PGE 2023 has “too little credit,” as it should be “real” accounts that help residents, but in fact represents the “official resignation” of the tax cut the government has been demanding. PP and this, in his opinion, would be what would really help families, and bring together EP

In this sense, at a press conference on Friday in Mérida, Guardiola expected that both the head of government, Pedro Sánchez, and the chief executive of Extremaduran, Guillermo Fernández Vara, would “do the same” in their 2023 budget, meaning that in terms of investments “they are guilty of Too much electoral favour” but ‘little credibility’, while they are ‘systematically selling the same big projects’ that are ultimately unfulfilled.

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“They’re going to sell us huge numbers based on expectations they just think they’re going to say there’s more to everything, but then less taxes on local economies, we’re not talking about that,” he said.

In this regard, he lamented that the ‘effort’ to increase collection is not ‘reflected in households’, as ‘taxes are raised’ while inflation rises at the same time. “They put their hands in people’s pockets again,” Guardiola shouted.

Likewise, “Popular” asserted that in PGE 2023 it is “very noticeable” that it is in an “elective” year, while “the same promises” from previous years are renewed in the accounts but “without anything new”; He then argued that the “drawn numbers” would “go into effect, and end up becoming a reality”.

“One thing is the promise, the other is the project and the other is the implementation,” judged Maria Guardiola, for whom the PGE 2023 budget is another budget that assumes a “new act of faith”.

High speed and highway Caceres Badajoz

Thus, he warned, Extremadura residents are “burned” by the “budget loop” that appears “year after year”, when in reality what they need is “table access to the territory” on issues such as, for example, the development of birds.

At this point, Maria Guardiola admitted that although “more than half of the state’s investment in Extremadura is allocated to the AVE”, this is actually due to “the lack of an AVE”, but “there is still a long way to go” in this project, Where the country’s accounts for 2023 represent a “push forward,” he indicated that “it is time to continue waiting for the last point.”

As for the Cáceres-Badajoz highway, the “popular” lamented that “only five million were allocated”, which in his opinion shows that the management of the Chairman of the Board, Guillermo Fernández Vara, in this and other project is “very very sad “and based on “Castle in the air”; He noted that the PSOE had already “promised” at the time he said the highway would be “in 2012”.

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