GTA 6 promises to be giant but new details indicate that Rockstar has cut content

There is talk of a game that initially planned to recreate up to three cities, among other data.

Everyone’s guessing about which city we’ll be enjoying in the next few years, but apparently, that wasn’t Rockstar’s initial thought, according to the last thing he shared. Stephen Totilo, journalist at Axios. This provided more information about Details revealed by Bloomberg a few days ago GTA 6. This new installment will be a lot more ambitious With the intent that the Rockstar Games include a lot more than Jason Schreier offers.

In principle, it was supposed to be for GTA 6 Four playable heroes And not two, as Schreyer emphasized a few days ago. Additionally, the narrative of this delivery will evolve in three citiesAccording to a source familiar with Rockstar, Totilo was able to access it. In this case, what Bloomberg has revealed is that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in fictional Miami, but it was initially about larger swathes of North and South America.

GTA 6 will expand its map over timeIn addition, in the tweet you can also find out how to do it Totilo gives value To what Schreyer revealed: “I love the sound of Jason Schreyer’s report: One City, Two Heroes, Expansion plansAccording to information from a few days ago, GTA 6 intend Expand your map over time. Perhaps cities of North and South America will appear in the future.

Despite all the rumors that have surfaced in recent days, what is clear is that Rockstar wants to exceed people’s expectations with GTA 6. That’s why it was Change your working conditions So that the work environment is much more within reach of workers.

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