Grupo Bimbo shrunk its tracks by 7% to reach 53,000 worldwide

Grupo Bimbo reports that it has cut its tracks by 7% in 2020 compared to the previous year, to 53,000 worldwide.

With 134,000 employees, the same number in 2019, The company It works directly in all routes Mexico And most of the roads are in Latin america.

At the same time, more than half of the roads are in United State And most of the roads are in Canada s Europe They are operated by independent agents.

In general, Grupo Bimbo enters into long-term contracts with these independent distributors under which they agree to sell exclusively the group’s products.

The terms of these contracts also define the territories the independent distributors will cover and their compensation, based on sales performance.

According to Grupo Bimbo, there is strict control over brand management, advertising strategies, pricing, and the right to purchase from each of the independent distributors under certain conditions.


The company’s distribution model is adapted to each country in which it operates, for example, the use of independent distributors in the United States is believed to reduce distribution costs and increase flexibility to add POS efficiently, while maintaining quality of services.

Grupo Bimbo’s sales force distributes products to its customers from Distribution centers According to the pre-set itineraries.

Currently, all routes can deliver and collect consumer returns on every visit.

Customers can return products if not sold, and exchange them for fresh products at no cost.

Likewise, collected products are not considered fresh, although they can still be consumed, but collected a few days before their expiration date.

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Its network allows it to transport its products to more than 3 million points of sale every day to meet the needs of all types of consumers from supermarkets to family businesses and the fast food channel.

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