Groups 2022: The return of the traditional festival with its cultural essence

In the traditional setting of Parque Nacional a la Bandera, Between November 11 and 20, the 38th National Assembly and Group Festival will be held from the city.

The park area at the foot of the monument will be dressed up to host Rosario’s largest cultural event, After two years in which the epidemic imposed restrictions and conditions for attendance. Communities will regain their position to unleash the traditional celebration that has been taking place for nearly four decades

For 10 days, the most important and most organized festival in the city will once again assess the cultural heritage of the institutions that take part in the traditional celebration. It is expected that there will be more than a million people Enjoy both a great gastronomic display, as well as artistic performances, cultural samples, and artisanal products.

Back to having groups eagerly awaited. Therefore, the Municipality of Rosario, in constant coordination with the institutions, has developed a multiplicity of procedures to ensure its development, Because he considers it necessary to take into account the identity and traditions of those who form the foundation of the city

“We’ve been waiting a long time to get back the things we lost in the pandemic and in the heart of this city, the thing we wanted to get back was our great party: the community party. At Parque a la Bandera we’ll have more than 40 sets with changes, but the heart of the party remains So that we can enjoy what we want most: in diversity, in meeting, learning, having fun, and occupying public spaces in peace,” said the mayor Paul Jafkin.

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This party is of fundamental importance to the participating institutions. Because it provides them with the possibility to show their traditions and because of the economic impact that this means for them, because in many cases it is the key to their budgets.

The traditional festival of groups will be held again in Parque Nacional a la Bandera.

The return of groups in person is synonymous with the fact that the flags of institutions and countries coexist once again in the park in a loop where a sense of belonging is placed at the center of the scene. This traditional postcard in this edition has an added value as it lives on the front of the World Cup in QatarAn event in which the media par excellence dominates the world scene

The Community Festival is a celebration that has grown exponentially since its first edition in 1985. Over the years it has become one of the most popular and important cultural events in the country.

In total in addition to the Argentine stands, In this edition there will be 43 societies present: Sei Tu (Italian tent with Abruzzesa, Molisanos, Veneta, Basilicata, Sardinia, Toscano), Haiti, Cuba, West Africa, Cultural Peru, Brazil, Croatia, Calabresa, Lazio, Greece, Japan, Lebanon, Iran, Cara le Fossi, Balearic Islands, Palestine, Syria, Navarro, Yemen, Russia, Asturias, Poland, Galicia, Murcia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Catalonia, Israel, Peruvian Brotherhood, African Association, Tanzania, Bolivia, Ukraine, Basque Country and Castile

The countdown has already begun. On November 11th, the curtain rose. There will be 10 nights filled with music, dances, gastronomy and a lot of traditions. groups back. The return of the city party.

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