Great Return Judge, visits Costa Rica and Panama

We were overtaken by Canada in the Gold Cup, a contest in which Northcomers warned of their malicious intent brought them into the octagonal World Cup qualifying round.

Today, they comfortably lead with 25 points, nine more than the Costa Rican national team.

In the ‘first-leg’ match, Al Selya traveled to Canada and improved their poor performance in the Gold Cup in front of the hosts. Unfortunately, goalkeeper Lionel Moreira’s supervision cost us the match.

Now, Tricolor takes Canada into another crucial game where it would be disastrous not to get a score.

Victory is urgent, but a draw would not be a bad deal, because we will prevent Panama, the opponent in the qualifiers, from running away from us.

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Let me clarify: Panama with 17 points gets Honduras and the logic points to a victory for the canal, which cuts it down to 20 units.

Of course, if Costa Rica defeats Canada, it only keeps one point below the waterway, but, admitting that Canadian football today is completely superior to our football and frankly it should be written, it is presented as the favorite in La Joya, it will lead to a draw at home To leave us three points below Panama, a difference that could disappear on the next date.

Panama travels to the US and logic suggests they will lose, so they stop at 20, while Tricolor, with 17, travel to El Salvador to face a frustrated team that threatens not to even participate in their last matches in the Octagon

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Costa Rica wins with 20 points and captures Panama.

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The qualifiers still have to be decided on the last date and there, Canada travels to Panama and can help us and give us the final push towards that state, taking the points off the canal boats, while Costa Rica welcomes the US at La Sabana.

Of course, first things first and we have to beat Canada. I hope this vital victory will be achieved, but internally I am analyzing it very complicated.

The national team won the main matches with a minimum: 1–0 against Jamaica; 1-0 to Panama; Honduras 2-1, an empty draw with Mexico, so we’re having another high-effort game, definitely biting our nails, clenching our teeth, and the crowd that will fill the giant La Sabana statue can again, like loyal Real Madrid. Madrid fans did against PSG, pushing Luis Fernando Suarez’s accusations to victory.

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