Great Place to Work presents, Virtual Betting and Coming Soon Ranking for youngsters

Nyvrago… The extension of injuries led to the closure of one million commercial units and the loss of 12 million jobs. In the midst of anxiety, companies and workers are looking for a compass to reach a successful port.

In this context, the company that has been a real tool for attracting talent and inculcating the doomed corporate culture is the Great Place to Work, which holds its reins here. Alma Rosa Garcia Puig.

The origins of this company go back to 1981 when journalists Robert Delivery And Milton Moskovitz They published the book 100 best companies to work for in America, but it wasn’t until 1997 that the first classification One of the best places to work.

Today this certificate is awarded to companies with the best working environment in 60 countries …

head of my life… Here in Mexico Great Place to Work began operations in 2002 and has since become a benchmark for job seekers.

In its extensive portfolio, it has more than 3,000 clients, although there are nearly 500 companies that work hard every year to enhance the company’s culture.

In 2020, a complex economic outlook has driven companies out of the hospitality, tourism and restaurant sectors. As you wish, though Impasse 185 organizations are accredited.

Within weeks, the company had to transform its operations to offer a service focused on the new environment and practices home office.

For this purpose, a membership system has been created to give its clients access not only to survey, diagnostic and consulting services, but also to special driving programs through the platform. go leader and courses Learning innovation To keep the workforce focused and motivated.

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Likewise, greater Networks Among the companies that are part of the Great Place to Work ecosystem to share best practices related to the pandemic…

work work work… For this year, despite the uncertainty, 50% growth is not ruled out.

For this, the company launched Categories Additional to the global, national and sectoral charges. Last week it released its ranking of Mexico’s Best Workplaces for Women, which analyzes companies’ inclusiveness, their women’s talent development programs and their work flexibility policies.

There, companies such as the German BASF, from Klaus Funchmann; Dell, D Juan Francisco Aguilar; Trinitas Financial, from Jorge Olveraand DHL and Antonio Aranez, among other things.

On September 14, he will announce the results classification One of the most trusted CEOs, analyzing the management of managers during the pandemic, and in the latter part of the year, the numbers of decent work and the best places for the first job are ready.

And therefore X-rays for ergonomics…

Chocolate cars on the fast track

From January to August… Legal entry of used cars from the US and Canada grew by 30%.

In turn, AMDA, who directs Guillermo Rosales, It is estimated the arrival of “chocolate” cars, which have been incorporated into the car fleet for the dark, without paperwork or physical-mechanical revisions, it also increased by 30%, notably the truce to regularize the situation announced by the federal government since June 27. Cancel on the fast track…

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