Gran Turismo 7 enters the final stage and presents the launch trailer in Spanish

The simulator will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

in a few days, Grand Touring 7 you will come down Playstation 4 And the PlayStation 5. The new installment of the driving privilege, which is presented as “Life simulation around cars”It will allow players to access a very wide range of customization options and will provide a great deal of content.

And as a prelude to the launch, they released a new trailer that unites cinematics with images captured straight from the games. “This is much more than a race: it is a journey.”, says the video that invites players to find their passion and motivation within the game from the different variables it will propose. From assembling vehicles to designing them, competing or accessing photo mode to capture the best moments or scenarios.

What is known so far about Gran Turismo 7?

Next batch of franchise created by digital polyphony You’ll arrive on consoles with the idea of ​​reaching a general audience, although the wide range of customization options and details about car mechanics will require a special level of dedication in order to take full advantage of the experience.

Grand Touring 7 will present More than 400 cars from 60 different manufacturers More models will be added with future updates. In addition, players will have access to 97 circuits distributed in more than 30 locations. They are not only bringing classics to the series that have been adapted to new technology, such as Trial Mountain, Deep Forest and High Speed ​​Ring, but they will add new ones later.

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The garage It will be the base of operations for users who will be able to store their cars in that one thousand seat space, as well as make the modifications they want. at coffeeFor their part, players will get “List Books” that present them with missions and allow them to collect cars. “It is a new hub that will tell the player what the next step should be or recommend actions to take to continue the game. The café will also provide you with books in which you can collect different types of cars so that they can understand part of the culture, context and concept of the cars being obtained” Officials explained.

An important part will be the recording that players make for the whole experience: through Scapes and Race Photo modes They will be able to create high quality images of their own. With skips Users will be able to “immerse themselves in the complex world of photography” as they travel around the world in their vehicles. During these trips, they will have access to more than 2,500 different scenarios and will have a wide range of effects to create their own shots. If you are looking to capture your favorite moments during competitions, you will be able to use the mode there. racing pictures.

What do its creators say?

A few weeks ago, from Infobae Latin Power, we were able to take part in a special presentation featuring the Study Director and creator of the motor racing franchise, Kazunori Yamauchiwho answered some queries about the next title they’re going to release and pinpointed the imprint of this release.

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“Today there are not many people talking about the culture of the car, the beauty of motorsports or how fun it is to drive. That is why we want to share with a new generation of people the magic of the most amazing gadget that humans have made in the 20th century,” he said. “Grand Touring 7 It has a lot of new features, but simply, you can call it a simulation of life around cars, a sandbox that simulates reality with cars that organically integrate their features,” Yamauchi said.

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