Google’s first smartwatch, called Pixel Watch, will arrive in 2022

Pixel View Google. (Photo:

The smart phones pixel from google browser It may not be a global hit, but they help set a benchmark for other manufacturers to have Android They should stick to their devices. While Big G is also evolving Wear OS, has not yet released a Pixel-branded laptop. It was recently revealed that that could change next year. The company has developed the “Rohan”, a smartwatch that debuts with Wear OS 3. A new leak gives the world a look at the “Pixel Watch”.

The report confirms that Circular bezel-less display And how it will present a “unity between hardware and software”. The circular button on the right side of a smartwatch can be useful when scrolling through large menus and navigating the user interface.

in filtration, The wearable device is called Pixel Watch, suggesting that this may be its final trade name. Other versions show the smartwatch with a bracelet in different colors, including orange, white, and blue.

Google Pixel Watch.  (Photo: Spanish)
Google Pixel Watch. (Photo: Spanish)

John Prosser, technology analyst, confirmed that the Pixel watch in 2022, without the “risk” of cancellation. The smartwatch will have a variety of health-related sensors, including a heart rate scanner.

The leak stated that the watch will offer up to One day of battery lifeAs well as relatively slow download speeds.

Codenamed “Nightlight,” Google aims to release Fitbit integration for Wear OS 3 along with the Pixel Watch in 2022.

This isn’t the only new information Prosser revealed in his latest video. The foldable Pixel device that Google is working on in particular is unlikely to be canceled, unlike other recent positive rumors.

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Pixel Watch launch should bode well for Wear OS And giving it another much-needed boost, especially after years of being abandoned by Google. Perhaps after some lukewarm efforts, the Wear OS platform can finally find a suitable competitor to the Apple Watch.

Google implements new features for Android Auto

Google doesn’t want to wait for a version change to load new features onto its system. With Christmas around the corner The company launched a series of new functions for Android, being the integration of a digital key into the phone to unlock the car, the most striking.

This is a big step, but only for UWB-enabled devices. Additionally, there are new Android Auto features, interface improvements, and more.

ILLUSTRATION - Apple Carplay and Android Auto copies some app icons to the car screen, making it easier to use while driving.  Photo: Zachary Schurer/D
ILLUSTRATION – Apple Carplay and Android Auto copies some app icons to the car screen, making it easier to use while driving. Photo: Zachary Schurer/D

You can use your mobile phone as a key

As of today, the feature is integrated system-wide and is also available in Google Pixel 6 With the predictable scalability of the rest of the devices outfitted and launched by UWB (Ultra Wide Bandwidth), Google doesn’t detail how it works, but it suggests that even without opening a file Application You can unlock the car with the same method of contactless payment.

This news does not come alone, which is that Google has also updated the functionality of Android Auto. currently, It can start automatically when the phone is connected to a device the cars.

Likewise, Google Assistant’s Smart Replies, which allows you to respond to messages while driving without getting distracted, arrives using preset buttons and responses.

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