Google suspended the engineer who warned of the “sensitivity” of artificial intelligence | He said of his robot, “He has feelings.”

The Google It suspended one of its workers who claimed that its artificial intelligence (AI) software able to feel.

This is Chief Engineer Blake Lemoine, who on June 11 announced the transcript of a conversation he had with Google’s artificial intelligence system The Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA, for its English acronym). At one point in the conversation, Lambda said that he sometimes feels “new feelings” that he can’t explain “completely” in human language.

When asked by Lemoine to describe one of those feelings, LaMDA replied:I feel as if I am falling into an unknown future that holds great danger.It is a phrase emphasized by the engineer when he published the dialogue.

Google suspended the engineer last Monday, asserting that he violated the company’s confidentiality policy. according to him The New York Timesthe day before the comment, lEmoine submitted documents to the office of a US senator claiming that he had evidence that Google and its technologies discriminated against religion.

The company asserts that its systems simulate conversational exchanges and can talk about various topics, but it has no awareness.

“Our team, including ethicists and technologists, has reviewed Blake’s concerns based on our AI principles and has informed him that the evidence does not support his claims,” ​​Google spokesperson Brian Gabriel was quoted as saying.

Google confirms that hundreds of researchers and engineers have talked to LaMDA, an in-house tool, and come to a different conclusion from Lemoine.

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