Google Meet and Chat have new tools for co-working

Google Meet auto texts. (Image: Google)

The Google Introduced new features and functions for the video calling service Meetswith the aim of improving and facilitating the experience Distance working Across Workspacenoted Aparna Pappu, the company’s vice president of this product.

These adjustments and improvements come due to the current need for companies to establish themselves in an environment hybrid work Where attendance is not the only way to get promoted productivity among workers.

In this sense, Google strives to be Application Meet, as a platform dedicated to video calling, has become a source of close communication between them Co-workers. “We generate those new experiences that generate immersive connections so that video calls Communication is as much as a face-to-face meeting,” referred to in a statement issued by a company.

New Presenter Feature in Google Meet (Google)
New Presenter Feature in Google Meet (Google)

One of the first developments regarding the operation of an application Meets Who is this Presenter focus In slides, which will allow users to make presentations virtual Overlay your video over the presentation content so that it is Exhibitions Be more dynamic.

According to the company, this feature is not yet available to the public, but can be used from next year onwards work environments.

In addition, a new system adaptive approach who works through cameras integrated with Artificial intelligence. This feature will allow the system to Google is dead Know when someone in the group is speaking so that you can focus directly on them to properly identify them.

Sample Adaptive Approach in Google Meet (Google)
Sample Adaptive Approach in Google Meet (Google)

On some devices, this feature will be available later this year, and it may appear on others throughout 2023, as shown. The Google.

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Additional feature added in Meets It also consists of an additional screen that can be activated from a file portable devices From those who attend a meeting, where you can participate through a chat It will no longer appear next to the main meeting screen in The Google Meets.

Although no official release date has been set, the . file Business It indicates that this may arrive in early 2023 for users.

For people who need to handle large amounts of Information And they have to do work audio version To text, Meet will also integrate a functionality that allows this activity to be performed automatically.

Google Meet has already enabled translation in some languages ​​for video calls.  (credit: google)
Google Meet has already enabled translation in some languages ​​for video calls. (credit: google)

although English transcription It will be released to users this week, other languages ​​such as German, Spanish, French and Portuguese will not be available until 2023 at an uncertain date.

In a more aesthetic section, Meet will have a function dedicated to it framing videos of the participants in the conference before they joined the conference. This feature will also allow manual framing at any time during the meeting.

According to Google, the “increase .” function Confidence of the presenters’ which is to let people know who they are talking to while jumping between presentations. slideshow. This feature will be available from this week Meets.

Custom emojis and chats in Google Chat (Google)
Custom emojis and chats in Google Chat (Google)

google chat It is also another aspect that has been interfered with for a better communication experience and users will be given the possibility to use custom emoji and threaded conversations to “express yourself authentically and deepen conversations”

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Although the emoji will only be available to users later this year, threaded conversations will appear as a feature later this month to users.

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