Google Maps listed Puebla crater as a “tourist attraction”

It is not yet known if it was Google or a user who scored the Puebal crater in this way (Photo: JOSE CASTAÑARES/AFP)

On May 29, a huge event Sewers formed in the town of Juan C Bonilla, a municipality located in the state of Puebla. Over time, it has grown in size and its importance has resonated even in the international media. Everyone who knew about this phenomenon was surprised to see it.

Currently measuring 126 meters on the main axis and 114 meters on the secondary axis, with a total area of ​​14,364 square meters and a depth of between 15 and 20 meters, according to the latest update from the authorities.

It was so important that the most important search engine in the world recorded it in its application Google Maps. This situation may not seem appropriate: however, it was the category in which it was included that caught the attention of both locals and outsiders.

If the user typed the name “Puebla streamAnd choosing the “Maps” option, it will be taken to the address San Isidro, 72660 Santa Maria Zacatepec, Puebla, where the red pointer indicates where this newtourist attractionIn the state.

(Photo: Google Maps)
(Photo: Google Maps)

according to Google Maps, this huge crater of more than 100 meters is already a piece of global interest, to the point of placing it as a place to visit for fun or to learn about during a trip to Mexico.

So far, this site It has a rating of 4.1 stars out of five, Pictures street view It is made with drones approaching the place and has 10 comments from users who did not miss the opportunity and mocked the category of “attractions” in which it falls.

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“I was not, but there I would like to ask for my girlfriend’s hand … if I had one”; “Go there slides and it’s free before it’s privatized“I was there yesterday, it was a great picnic, then we put the chocolate on the fire and it was delicious. Great place to take pictures. I hope to be back soon,” were some of the jokes people made in the reviews.

However, others have taken this online recording seriously to alert those who, for whatever reason, were considering going. “It is not a tourist place but a danger zone That at any moment he can swallow everything that exists. It is necessary to be more prudent,” as stated in Google Maps.

A family lost their home and their crops due to the formation of this phenomenon (Image: Twitter / @JCarlos_Valerio)
A family lost their home and their crops due to the formation of this phenomenon (Image: Twitter / @JCarlos_Valerio)

It should be noted that some sites are placed in the search engine by it The Google, but others Can be registered by users By selecting the option “Add the missing place‘, where you can add information and photos for those looking for it at some point.

This stream affected many people from the very beginning, as it was formed in a harvest area where a family built their house, which fell little by little as this massive impact grew on the land.

He also learned that two Beerus, Spy the SpikeIt has been down since June 7. Through a YouTube video, it was revealed that they are still alive, so Animal Rescue and Life Support Unit The URSVA has requested permission from the state government to access the area and carry out rescue maneuvers.

Spy and Spike were rescued 48 hours later trapped in a sinkhole (Photo: Puebla Government)
Spy and Spike were rescued 48 hours later trapped in a sinkhole (Photo: Puebla Government)

Social network users denounced this fact and formed a petition in To request his rescue, which was complicated by the characteristics of the terrain and the dangers involved in approaching.

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However, during the afternoon of February 10, State civil protection members removed Spay and Spike from the scene, who survived for more than 48 hours in muddy water, without food or water.

After he was rescued, members of the puebla animal care He performed evaluation and veterinary medical care for the two dogs. “Thanks to the coordinated action, it was possible to #Rescue #Spay and #Spike. The two dogs are cared for by the staff of IBAGobPue,” the Civil Protection stated on his Twitter account.

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