Google Maps adds functionality that helps you not get lost in navigation

The company has added features in Maps to help users and the cloud improve their shopping experiences.

With the idea of ​​helping users not to get lost while searching for a location, Google Maps Adding a widget that indicates at all times the location where the user is, even though the map is moving.

Including this functionality will avoid having to zoom in to find the initial location in the wide range of on-screen options when navigating the map.

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The tool is a file red pointer that remain on the side of the screen toward where it was installed. This allows you to navigate and perform other actions, such as looking for another place, following a route, or expanding your view without losing that reference.

The inclusion of this feature is important because previously, standing on a site and moving the screen in another direction would cause you to lose a pin and the orientation process was much more complicated.

Maps now allows you to get a pin that fixes the location where the user is standing.

In addition to keeping the bookmark active, the platform allows you to click on it to automatically go to that site, displaying all information about where the user is located or who has been selected.

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This novelty is in the testing phase, so the Google Maps update should be activated automatically in the store of each operating system.

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Beside maps, The company is also improving other functions of its platform, and new mixed reality tools have arrived in the cloud to offer more immersive shopping experiences.

This new option is called Immersive Stream XR It allows high-quality real-world experiences to be stored, displayed, and streamed to any type of device. Therefore, it is initially designed for companies to implement and for their customers to enjoy.

The way this tool can be used will be through a link or scanning a QR code and in this way they can observe the product with a 3D design, which they can place on a surface or in the space where it will be located, in the case of a piece of furniture, to check the space and the shape.

The company has added features in Maps to help users and the cloud improve their shopping experiences.

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according to GoogleThis functionality will be useful to sectors such as retail, automotive, healthcare, commerce, education and tourism, as they will be able to display their products regardless of what device the user has.

And the company gave as an example: “In the case of travel and hospitality companies, they can offer virtual tours of a room or space in a hotel for events and museums, thus offering virtual experiences where users can walk and interact with exhibits.”

Another use case that they have shown is that when they go to buy a car or want to do the process online, people can view the interior of the car on their mobile phone, and get an immersive experience thanks to the real-world details of what they will find once they get a chance to get the car in front.

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