Google has integrated its Gemini artificial intelligence into its various business applications: what tasks can it perform?

Google Started to enable use twinYour model artificial intelligence (AI), in various services of the application ecosystem, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Users will be able to access the tool from a side panel to summarize, analyze and create content from natural language instructions.

With this implementation, users will be able to leverage AI capabilities directly from Google Workspace applications to streamline their workloads.

The company stated on its blog that AI features will appear in a new side panel Which will be displayed on the right side of the screen and will be opened when you press the “Ask Gemini” star button.

The side panel will allow, for example, to summarize a series of emails in gmailreceive suggestions to write replies or new emails, and ask questions to find specific information among the messages in your inbox.

In case documentsGemini has abilities that help you write content, summarize information, and generate new ideas. Likewise, it allows you to create content based on other files in the Service.

Gemini will be able to write or summarize content within the Google Docs app.

The same thing happens with PresentationsGemini can help the user create new slides and even create custom images to include in presentations and summarize document content.

Gemini AI also has specific functions for Data tables, with options to organize data or track information. It also allows you to easily create tables, create formulas, or provide information about how to perform certain tasks.

In spreadsheets, Gemini will be able to create spreadsheets based on user requests.

Finally, Gemini in Drive can perform summaries for one or several documents at the same time, get summary data from different saved files or delve deeper into a topic without having to dig through the stored information.

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The company stressed that these new features of Google Workspace services will be enabled for all users gradually, first in the web version of the platform and then in the Android and iOS applications.

Moreover, it should be noted that These AI features are exclusive to users who also have a Gemini subscription. This means you must have Google Workspace in addition to Gemini Business, Enterprise, Gemini Education, or Education Premium, or be a Google One AI Premium subscriber.

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