Google has announced that it will remove “low quality” content from its search results

The Google I mentioned he had one ready Modernization for your search engine Which, according to the technology, will improve the placement of sites with high-quality content on their results page. In principle you will reach Educational, artistic, entertainment, shopping and technology content.

This new update to the world’s most popular search engine promises to help Reduce the number of “low quality” results For websites that publish content that has been optimized to rank high in search results, known as “SEO-first” content.

Based on a series of tests, Google concluded that content results in the above areas should be improved so that users find those that are really useful, and not those that are optimized for positioning.

This is the company’s strategy for Improving user confidence on what the student offers them.

Why is Google updating its search algorithm

The company that owns the search engine has recently admitted this TikTok, the Chinese social network, is gaining a large number of users who chose to search on that platform.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of the company in charge of the Knowledge and Information Foundation at Google, pointed out that Younger users often turn to apps like Instagram and TikTok Instead of searching for businesses or places on Google or Google Maps.

In addition to improvements in search results rankings, Google has announced that it will release an update in the coming weeks to make it easier to find high-quality, original ratings.

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