Google, Facebook or Netflix, among others, require their employees to be vaccinated just like Apple

The mandatory nature of vaccination by Apple employees is not exclusive to Cupertino, or other large companies Technology including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, etc., will also require employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine before appearing again in the offices. This happens mostly in the United States due to the sudden rise in cases and especially by some employees who flatly refuse vaccination.

It’s true that big tech companies keep giving their employees leeway on vaccine issues, but At the time of their return to the facilities they must be vaccinated Most of them in this way the rest of the employees and especially themselves are protected.

Now Google, Netflix, Facebook, Adobe, VMware, Twilio or Asana are some of the many technologies that add to the vaccination requirements so that cases go down, you can continue to work without suffocating too many people and above all protecting the employees. Others don’t plan to return to offices at the moment and continue to work remotely, so a nearly mandatory vaccination request doesn’t fit into their plans at the moment. and that is COVID can still be detected even if you have been vaccinated but infection rates are lower Or they seem milder in people.

In our country, we are experiencing a fifth wave of cases This does not seem to stop at all, and while it is true that the majority of the population is vaccinated against this dreaded disease, many still do not get vaccinated and this prevents the release of beds in hospitals or in other words the “relief” of the workers in these hospitals who are fighting The virus has been around for several months. Nobody can force you to get vaccinated but it is an act of solidarity like wearing a mask for short distances outdoors or indoors.

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