Google Earth leads to the arrest of a bike thief

If you’ve heard of bike thefts, two things will likely come to mind. The first is the famous Italian film of neorealism bike thiefA poor man and his son searched the entire city for his stolen bicycle, on which his family’s bread depends. We won’t spoil the ending but remember it for the other common theme when hearing about bike thieves, which is that when you travel to the safest countries in the world, like Finland or Japan, don’t forget to comment on your return that these countries are so safe that people leave the bike alone on the street with no lock.

Just for each of the two subjects of bicycle thieves, we conclude that it is probably the most traditional and common theft in our country and its neighbors. If your bike has never been stolen, it will be strange that you don’t know anyone who has had it. Once my grandfather stole it from me and then gave me the wand for several days with the ease of stealing it and I had to watch it more. It’s also a burglary in which the police do little or nothing. Before, as in the Vittorio de Sica movie, your only option was to find the thief with your bike while he was driving around town. Now it’s more about Wallapop monitoring. However, what we never imagined is that the bike thief would be stopped thanks to Google Earth. The reason is simple, he had about 500 bikes.

The subject lives in Oxford, UK, and everything has come from the massive pile of bikes in his backyard. The Google Earth image (Giles Road in Littlemore, Oxford) speaks for itself.

The 54-year-old detainee is already under investigation. According to the neighbors in statements to daily MailThe event has been going on for about five years. The Local police statement He says the following:

A 54-year-old man from Oxford has been arrested on suspicion of dealing with stolen goods and criminal possession of property after executing an arrest warrant in Littlemore.

Why didn’t the neighbors (almost) suspect anything? Well, why did he tell them he collected bikes donated by third parties to donate to children in Africa? Yes, some neighbors were not very happy and blamed him for the breeding of rats in the area, so there were several complaints against him, which actually got him in the eye of the police (plus Google) above. According to the investigators of the case, the most complicated matter was finding the owners of the bikes that were in the yard.

The police have already informed that they are in the process of identifying the bike owners. So if someone has gone missing in the past five years, who knows, they might have been in the garden of this Oxford gentleman. As you might have concluded, nothing happened about the potential business or sale of bikes by the thief, so it could be a disruption, halfway between Diogenes and kleptomania, resulting in this unhealthy buildup of bikes in the park for less, Netflix Make a documentary series.

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