Google Docs’ new help for better writing

Style and grammar news has reached Google Docs

google docs Soon new tools will be included to improve users’ typing. In addition to suggestions for grammar and spelling, it will also add recommendations for using more comprehensive language as well as for avoiding inappropriate terms.

These new features offer a variety of writing and style suggestions while writing documents. Suggestions will appear as you write and guide you when there are opportunities to avoid repetitive or unnecessary words, which will help diversify your writing and ensure that you are using the most effective words for the situation. “

The user may also be advised in certain contexts to choose to use the active voice instead of the passive voice or to write a more concise sentence for the sake of clarity. In turn, language that is likely to be discriminatory or inappropriate will be flagged, along with suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and relevant to your audience.

Google Style and Style Suggestions will be available to subscribers of Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus.” While Word Warnings will be available in Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, and Education Plus as well as to teaching and learning plans.

Those users with more basic plans like Google Workspace Essentials won’t get any specific feature at this time.

The company announced on its official blog that the new writing tools will start arriving to users within the next two weeks.

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Another novelty that will come to the service is a new “pageless” view of the Docs, which formats the document to the size of the used window.

Starting next month, participants will be able to express themselves using emojis
Starting next month, participants will be able to express themselves using emojis

Yesterday, the company also announced a bunch of new features for Workspace. Among them, the ability to initiate video calls from a file of documents, spreadsheets and presentations to present this content stands out. to all those present at the meeting; As well as picture-in-picture in Google Meet, which will allow users to access a floating window for up to four participants while using other apps.

Another important novelty is Meet news for live broadcasting. Currently, Google Meet users can host meetings of up to 500 active participants with the ability to broadcast live to an audience of up to 100,000 trusted domains in Google Workspace. In the coming months, attendees of this live broadcast will be able to participate in Q&Aand surveys, matching the experience enjoyed by users who made video calls on Meet.

On the other hand, Meet broadcasts can be done directly on YouTube. Integration with said platform means that a Google account can be used for authentication, which simplifies the live broadcasting process.

In order to add a little warmth to a lot of technology, the company announced that it will start next monthparticipants will be able to visually express themselves in various, which will be visualized directly and in real time. A new tool to connect speakers and attendees in virtual meetings.

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In terms of security, it has been reported that starting in May, optional client-side encryption (currently in beta) will be implemented to help keep your communications confidential, secure, and private. This feature gives clients direct control over the encryption keys and the identity provider used to access these keys. Throughout 2022, optional end-to-end encryption will be offered for all meetings.

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