Google Docs has launched new features for ‘Create Great Docs’: what they are and how they are used

google docs derivation New Jobs which allows users to enhance their writing, with a set of suggestions designed to “help create great documents faster”.

Through an official statement, the company clarified that those who use the document creation and editing service already have (or will soon have) the following functions at their disposal:

  • alternative formula
  • Use active voice
  • Make sentence structure more concise
  • Use more inclusive language
  • Alert words that are inappropriate

New features are different from smart typing (Smart Typing), a tool previously available in Google Docs, which is complemented by style and writing suggestions. The goal is to “offer a variety of suggestions to help create impactful documents faster,” according to Google.

Typing suggestions can be turned off from the Tools menu.

The Writing Suggestions They appear on screen as you work on a text, and they do so to highlight “opportunities to avoid repetition or use of unnecessary words,” thus ensuring that the writer “uses the most effective words in each situation.”

In this sense, the user will also see a warning when Google Docs detects the use of “Language that may be discriminatory and inappropriate”in addition to receiving suggestions for translating the writing into text that is “more exclusive and relevant to its audience”.

The Tone and style suggestions It will appear in purple, and can be accepted or rejected by clicking on it. It can also be disabled from the Tools menu.

The publication of these new functions has already begun and will be circulated as of next April 14. Color and style suggestions will be available to users with Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterpise Plus, and Education Plus accounts.

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In the event of alerts regarding inappropriate or discriminatory vocabulary, it will be available in Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Up.

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