Google confirms that many Android apps are disabled

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The company disclosed in a statement Edge a There are currently many Android apps that cause errors for some users, plus they confirm that they are working towards a solution.

Apparently, the cause of the problem is a system component called Android System WebView that allows Android apps to display web content, but has some kind of issue that causes apps to crash. According to the statement:

We are aware of a WebView issue that causes some apps to crash on Android for some users. We are currently working on fully validating the scope and there is a solution in progress ”

Meanwhile, some users argue that removing the most recent WebView update should solve the problem, and in fact, the Twitter account Samsung’s official support team in the US recommends this step. Additionally, Google also finds issues related to Gmail on Android in the Google Workspace Status page. In this case, the company recommends using the desktop interface until the issues are resolved.[[[the edge]

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