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Between October and December, Android 12 will officially arrive for all users who have mobile phones compatible with the aforementioned operating system, so, It is working on an interesting feature that allows you to take sliding screenshots. what does that mean? That you can take a screenshot of an entire page of the browser.

It will no longer be necessary to take two or more screenshots on the same page and then join them using an external application, since now, Google Chrome It works so that you can take a screenshot of an entire page by “scrolling” or “scrolling on the screen” mode.

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According to the information published by the portal The above functionality was already available in Android 12 since Google launched the third beta version of the operating system, however, at that time it was incomplete and not compatible with all applications, among them Google Chrome.

As you remember, Google started releasing two betas of Android 12 in May and June of 2021, the first only showing the system interface while the second added new privacy tools. If you want to try and install the trial version of this operating system, click to keep track of the steps.

Do you have problems with Google Chrome? If your browser crashes, crashes or does not open a webpage and you see the following messages: “Proxy Error in Google Chrome” or “This webpage is not available”, click To find out solutions and recommendations that help solve this problem.

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