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Since last June it has been known that Working on a new tool, you no longer have to say the classic, traditional “hello Google” to Android to wake you up or pay attention to you. This time we’ll teach you which words will replace this featured phrase from Google Assistant.

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When Android users want to request a task from First, they have to say “OK Google”, otherwise the app will ignore you. Some people consider this a nuisance and others think it is embarrassing to repeat this phrase on the street; However, the tech giant is considering leaving “Hey Google” so that you can now activate it through various commands.

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It is important to clarify that the phrase “Ok Google” will not be deleted, because if you want to request something from the application through the voice search engine, it will be necessary to apply it. However, if you are going to ask him for daily tasks such as: setting an alarm, answering or rejecting calls, asking him about time, weather, etc., you can use other commands.

What phrases will replace OK GOOGLE

According to the information published by the portal , that thanks to a beta version from Google, it was possible to filter out a series of commands that you will use to replace “Ok Google” when interacting with your smartphone and these are the following:

  • Set Alarms: ´ Set the alarm for 7 AM. NS
  • Cancel alerts: “Cancel the alarm.”
  • Show alerts: “What time is my alarm set?”
  • Send Submissions: “Send Submission”.
  • Answering calls: “Answer” and “Reject”.
  • Ask about the time: “What time is it?”
  • Ask about the weather: “How’s the weather?”
  • Turn the lights on and off: “Turn on the lights.”
  • Turn the lights on and off: “increase brightness”.
  • Volume control: “Volume up”.
  • Pause and resume music: “Pause music.”
  • Skip tracks: “Skip this song.”
  • Set timers: “Set a timer for 2 minutes.”
  • Cancel timers: “Cancel timer”.
  • Pause and resume timers: “Pause”.
  • Resetting the timers: “Resetting the timer.”
  • Show the timers: “How much time is left?”.
  • Reminder: Create a reminder.
  • Family Notes: “Create a Family Note”
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Google still has a specific release date for this new functionality, in addition, it is not known whether it will be limited, as Android 12 will be launched soon and could be exclusive to this version of the Android operating system. For now, it remains to wait for the great “G” company to announce itself.

Do you have a problem with Google Assistant? If the application is not working or not responding to “Ok Google”, enter the following To follow a series of steps that can solve the problem. For more help or troubleshooting iPhone or iPad devices, see How .

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