Goodbye to joint accounts on Netflix: the ban begins today

days Password sharing from account Netflix With friends, family and acquaintances without consequences ended in Argentina: the streaming service has banned this possibility as of today. From this Monday, Accounts can only be shared by paying an additional amount.

“As of August 22, 2022, so you can use a file netflix account In other homes, we will consult with you if you would like to add a home for an additional fee each month. We will not automatically add a house and collect the extra fee‘,” they explained from the streaming service.

As is known, the company will verify IP addresses, each device’s ID and account activity will determine which other addresses the original account is used for, and if the “extra house” is not approved, those sessions will be locked. however, This has been denounced by some expertsaccusing him of being illegal.

The platform will continue to be used outside the home. Through the account settings menu, The owner will be able to review where the service is used and remove or add homes. Only account holders can access these features.

because of Bad business results Earlier this year, the company began testing different ways to limit password sharing in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, and to charge accounts extra fees that share keys away from home.

Netflix has 222 million subscribers around the world and reveal it More than 100 million households use a common passwordwith more than 30 million of them in the United States and Canada.

How much does Netflix cost

Adding a new “home” to the plan costs an additional $219. With August 2022 values, the final prices will be as follows:

  • Basic: 429. USD + 1 house = 648 USD
  • Standard: $799 + 1 home = $1018 // + 2 homes: $1,237
  • Premium: $1,199 + 1 home = $1,418 // + 2 homes: $1,637 // + 3 homes: $1,856

however, PAIS 8% tax, 21% VAT and 45% tax must be applied to the profit account. Therefore, a 74% surcharge will appear on the card: namely netflix dollar.

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However, the value may be higher in some areas. For example, in the city of Buenos Aires, there is also a 1.2% tax on credit card payments and another 2% on gross income. In other words, the additional cost is 77.2%.

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