Goodbye soy burgers? France will regulate plant-based products labeled as meat A project to give clarity to consumers

The French government presented a project for Ban the use of meat references To label vegetarian dishes and products of plant origin, Such as “vegetarian ribs,” “vegetarian grill,” “vegetarian burger,” and others. Once the regulations are approved The use of 21 names will be restricted Related to meatAs explained by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Decree It will only apply to products manufactured and sold in that country, not to European imports. Additionally, the document explains that about 120 meat-related names, such as “pork,” “sausage,” “nugget,” or “bacon,” will remain in effect as long as the products do not exceed a certain amount of plant proteins. Rates ranging from 0.5% to 6%.

Likewise, the draft provides for penalties in case of violation. This measure will come into effect three months after its publication to give producers time and the ability to adapt their labels Marketing products manufactured or labeled before regulations until stocks last.

Although since June 2022 a A labeling law that already prohibits plant-based foods from being labeled with terms used to identify products of animal originThe Council of State, the highest administrative court in the country, Its implementation was suspended Under the pretext that the writing time was too short. Since then, the government has been working on a new project, taking these “feedbacks” into account when making the new proposal.

“The new draft decree reflects this We are ready to put an end to misleading claims made by law “Using names related to meat products for foods that do not contain them,” Agriculture Minister Mark Visno said.

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It is a matter of transparency and fairness that responds to the legitimate expectations of consumers and producers.. To maintain bonds of trust with consumers, labeling and clarity are essential. This is the goal of this decree and all government policy in this area.”

The French Ministry of Agriculture shared the reasons for its new decree

However, the initiative has been questioned by animal rights activists. Do people confuse motor oil with olive oil and jojoba oil? I do not think so. No more than they’re confusing a vegetarian steak with a beef steak“For example, said Brigitte Gauthier, from the French animal rights group L214.

Instead of attacking words, this government should attack evils: animal and human suffering, global warming for which livestock farming is largely responsible… “What despair!” said Catherine Hlael, of the French Animal Party.

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