Golden Logo in WhatsApp: How to activate it to celebrate the New Year

The WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the world, so many seek to modify it, add options or make it look more beautiful. While We do not recommend downloading unofficial versions From the Meta service, the fact is that placing the famous golden WhatsApp logo is very simple using other methods.

The simplest exclusive for Android, It is a different “player” download, which – which Allows making changes to the home screen For cell phone and other configuration alternatives. This app Not available for iOS.

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How to activate the golden WhatsApp logo

  1. First Download Nova Launcher In Google Store for Android, Play Store.
  2. After installing it we will have to Choose the new style we want for the cell phone.
  3. next one We need a picture golden whatsapp logo, in PNG format. It can be downloaded from Google or from any portal with images.
  4. With the downloaded image, you must Press the app logo for a few seconds. This way the pencil will appear in the floating window.
  5. After that we press in pencil, we go to “Applications”, then to “Photos” and We choose the golden WhatsApp icon in PNG which we have already downloaded.
  6. To finish, all you have to do is press “Ready”. We will have WhatsApp with golden iconOr to start the new year in style.

WhatsApp Gold: Fake Version with Virus

The scam that started in 2016 repeats again every year, especially around this time. It is located around aWhen invited to download a “Gold” or “Premium” version of WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, which is actually a virus.

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It is assumed that this version of the messenger offers exclusive features and benefits. Of course it is wrongAll they are looking for is for people to install this malware From a strange link and not from the official platform, Google Play or App Store, for Android or iOS respectively.

One of the pictures of people installing this virus.

Among the false promises of this alternative app are sending up to 100 photos at once, deleting messages for longer, and most importantly, more emojis. Some time ago, there was a “Plus” version of the messenger, which was also not legal: Users who installed it had to remove it from their computers to ban their account.

How can this type of attack be prevented? Do not install unknown apps.

And we should not click on links to strange pages that are redirected to us in the WhatsApp thread. What if we want to install another version of the messenger? Don’t – these are always scams.

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