Godzilla vs. Kong crosses $100 million at the box office and makes history during the pandemic

Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% crossed the bill a few months ago and quickly caught the attention of viewers, both in movie theaters and on live broadcasts. It’s been a while since the premiere but in some places it’s still available in theaters, a fact that has benefited the box office tremendously. according to Box Office MojoAnd the Godzilla vs. Kong It reached $100 million in the US, made history in the midst of a pandemic and became one of the greatest hits of 2021. We discuss all the details in the following paragraphs.

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MonsterVerse did not make great strides during its development, but from time to time it makes the right decisions and fans are pleased with the images on the screen. The first trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong It was a complete social media boom when it was released earlier in the year and caught the attention of viewers. The film hit theaters and HBO Max on March 24 and was one of the first films in the pandemic to enjoy solid revenue after months of disappointments in Hollywood.

$100 million is the amount he just raised Godzilla vs. Kong In the US, becoming only the second film to cross this mark after A Quiet Place Part Two – 93%. Globally, Duel of the Titans is worth $440 million, which is a pretty good number if we take into account the tough conditions that the films still have to hit good numbers at the box office. MonsterVerse can feel confident that the next installment is already secured, will it be able to go any further than its predecessors? So far there are no in-depth details about the upcoming production.

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Godzilla vs. Kong It takes us back to the famous monsters most representative of pop culture. The film is full of amazing scenes in the company of the star pair, multiple battles of amazing titans where the viewer has the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest. Although the film is far from exceptional, we were able to enjoy the imagination of his proposal, a duel between savage deities and an eventual reconciliation; It’s ultimately a solid connection that works for instant fun and don’t forget the adventures aren’t over yet.

The MonsterVerse started a few years ago with the premiere of Godzilla (2014) – 74%, the beginning satisfactorily achieves its goal of entertaining the viewer. For 2017 Kong: La Isla Calavera appears on the billboard – 76%, better delivered by critics. In 2019 Godzilla II: King of Monsters hits the screens – 41%, a film that was tirelessly beaten by the press, but it gave us so little Godzilla vs. Kong At the end of the credits and the sequel to the mission level. Now fans have no choice but to wait for future announcements of this saga, and are eager to keep getting through the next installments.

So far, Warner Bros. has not submitted. Details on the upcoming MonsterVerse movie, but it’s clear they won’t stop production any time soon. The Toho Beasts still have a lot to offer fans, especially now that Hollywood has the resources to bring them to the big screen in the most exciting way possible. Who will be the next creatures to confront and steal the excitement of the masses?

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Hollywood’s outlook in 2021 looks a lot more friendly. This year, there are still several significant premieres, and we’re sure it’ll easily cross the $100 million mark in the US, and go even further. What will be the next blow?

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