Godzilla Minus One breaks records in the United States

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Godzilla It is a monster that has gained popularity in recent years, thanks to films that show us its battles and history, as well as the union of this giant with the amazing King King; However, these films are the American versions. During 2023 we presented Godzilla minus onea film inspired by Original tape.

Godzilla minus one It is the Japanese version of the terrifying monster, and it is a film that seeks to show the face of the original Kayugi, a Godzilla who does not seek to protect humanity and poses a danger to it. Thanks to its amazing special effects, the film won an award Oscar to Better visual effectsbeing the first Godzilla film to win an Academy Award.

Godzilla Minus One makes history again and breaks records in the United States

Yes good, Godzilla minus one It has been on streaming platforms for some time in Japan, and the film arrived a few days ago Netflix. The news came as a surprise to everyone, as the platform did not provide any evidence until Saturday, June 1; The day the tape was added to the catalog.

The introduction of the tape has been achieved Breaking records in the United Statesaccording to com. indiewireFor the first time in the history of the North American country; The film managed to place itself in first place in Streaming service And a digital rental and purchase platform, in iTunes platform.

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Although the audience can pay Netflix subscription to enjoy it Godzilla minus oneAnother part of the population chose to pay for the rental or purchase of this bar Itunes. This situation has not happened before, and this showed that the film has a large audience interested in this work that shows us the new face of Godzilla.

The film is in the catalogue Netflix from the past Saturday, June 1, as well as on other digital purchasing and leasing sites; It makes its way to American platforms and shows the good work of the director Takashi Yamazaki.

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