Gobernadora del Valle has requested a lifeline for $458,000 million EPS debt

Clara Luz Roldan, Governor of Valle del Cauca.

On July 11, it was learned that the Governor of the Valle de Cauca, Clara Luz Roldan, had asked President Ivan Duque, When visiting the department, it is essential that the government hand over two life jackets to the department.

According to the governor, the resources are essential to the hospital network and The corporate and entrepreneurial economic sector, where the pandemic crisis was exacerbated by the blockade during the national strike.

within a dayRegional dialogues “Social Investment Project”, where the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit was, the governor said that there is a shortfall in EPS.

Mr. President, I must raise the need to take urgent rescue measures for the health sector as it has a serious impact on health care loss, increased cost and decreased income, which has led to a serious financial imbalance in the public network. hospital.

“In addition, health service providers (EPS) owe the network 446,000 million pesos and to immunizations 12,000 million,” the president told Evan Duque.

He said that the situation is getting worse due to the service provided to Venezuelans, which costs 92 thousand million pesos, in addition to the working debt, which until June 2021 amounted to 100 thousand million pesos, while the one with the suppliers is 330,000 million.

He added that the situation was exacerbated by the portfolio of services provided to the immigrant population 92,000 million pesos, business debts until June 2021 are 100,000 million and debts to suppliers are 330,000 million.

The governor insisted that a plan should be developed to rebuild the social and economic fabric of southwestern Colombia.. For this, the president said it is necessary to create incentives for businessmen and entrepreneurs such as a freeze or more time to pay interest on loans or other aid.

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The economic situation of the health system is so serious that the workers at Tomás Uribe Uribe Hospital two days ago, who took over, who, in the absence of payment of their salaries, declared that they were entering a permanent council.

This was confirmed by Rodolfo Borga, president of the Hospital Syndicate, noting that EPS owes the institution nearly 90 million pesos each, and he demanded the intervention of the department’s authorities.

“There is more than $80,000 million EPS owes us, specialists and factory workers owe them two months, factory workers one month, not to mention no mid-year premium.”added.

Similarly, he stated that Thomas Uribe’s intensive care unit occupancy had already reached 100 per cent and that despite his commitment, the county administration chief, Clara Luz RoldanIt did not send more resources or more intensive care beds. In this sense, he said, “We demand, Madam Governor, that you come to us, and that you come to Tulua or we go to Kali.”

It should be noted, however, that gathering does not mean stopping operations by health workers, at least for the time being. As Borja explained, it’s an initial warning, but it won’t last long since then “We will be at the rally until Tuesday, but if the governor or the health minister does not sit down with us and offer us solutions, we will have to close the front door.”Which would harm the center and north of the department referring patients to that institution.

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