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If you had the option to be part of a split-mind experience to separate work and family through surgery, would you?

Under this premise go Danger Latest Production + AppleTV Which will premiere on Friday and which will reveal a chapter every week. The plot revolves around Markerthe leader of a team of office workers whose mind has been modified to separate memories between his personal life and his work, until one of the employees breaks out of the ordinary and begins investigating the events taking place there.

“I’ve never read anything like that, at least I haven’t been able to get a chance to be a part of it. The idea of ​​science fiction, something I love, is to put us in a world that reflects the things we live in now. Dan Erickson (series writer) created a Date That looks three-dimensional in many layers. It’s like a very American cultural company in terms of the way it moves.” Actor Adam ScottWho is playing Marker.

league Produced by Ben Stiller, who also directed a few episodes. the actor – Who previously worked with Scott The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty– It was presented in the series due to the specificity and tone of the plot, which is divided between suspense and science fiction.

“It’s a very original story. I appreciate having such a specific tone and a world that feels so familiar and different to me. I feel like I’ve been exploring a very simple but great concept. I love when show It offers the possibility of mixing different emotions,” commented the protagonist Zoolander In a virtual round table.

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indirectly league It has to do with the reality we live in, as work has moved into our homes. and performance show It was no different, so the creators reevaluated the premise as they worked in post-production for the nine one-hour episodes.

“The way we knew work and life changed. We edited 80 percent remotely. The editor and I were talking to phone He said to me: Hello! I put my son to bed, and we could work an hour and a half from 9:00 to 10:30, or “let’s work tomorrow,” he recalls. Ben Stiller.

“Before you had to go into the editing room and spend 10 hours there. That all changed. The way we work now, from working and then switching to talking to your family and being in a different dynamic, is something that can almost be schizophrenic. Sometimes. It makes you feel like you have to break out of those personal spaces and work and live in two realities at the same time, it’s a rarity,” said Emmy Award winner mexico sun.

Danger Notable for its visual beauty, it is a cool environment created by an empty room with white walls where in the middle there is a room with four employees. This inspiration came from bell worksbusiness center in New Jersey which has become the model for the show’s tone that wanders between drama and mystery.

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“This was the first site we discovered, and we discovered that it was very good aesthetically pleasing for a show. We take your design to build collections. And I think the show has different undertones within it. In terms of visuals, I wanted it to be simple yet stunning. Also that these four actors are sitting in a small room inside a big room, which is a bit strange and it is up to us as to what actors Stiller says.

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Danger The number is one of the great promises appletv + for the next few years. The series stars Academy Award winners Patricia Arquette and Christopher Wallen, Emmy Award winner John Turturro, and co-stars Brett Lauer and Deacon Lachman.

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